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I didn't wanna kiss him.." ----Basically, Luke loses interest in Ashton, and finds (temporary) happiness with Michael instead. She had been good, happy almost over the past months. Buried under all the joy had always been a creature of darkness that had been slowly gnawing away at Vic's mind until the only thing that remained was a force that was starting to cloud every judgment Vic was making. Vic was happy on the exterior and therefore at least content on the inside.

Their life was going great on the grand scheme of things, they had a partner, education, house, a substantial amount of money, close friends, healthy relationships, loving family... (Based on a prompt) Whenever you draw or write on your skin, it shows up on your soulmate's skin.

After a strange experience on a graduation road trip, Alex Gaskarth finds himself buried in fixation over a strange mark that appeared on his neck.

-You should check out my past work that I did for the Alltimefanfiction contest, 'Do you Believe in Aliens? Just as he's about to call out to the taller boy, Ashton watches as his boyfriend of 3 years stumbles into a blue-haired boy's arms and kisses him.

We wanted to keep it a secret” I said trying to make her be quiet. ” “Because, I didn’t want people calling me a slut ok? ” “Because we got together right after I broke up with Luke” “Oh. “Sorry I didn’t tell you” “It’s fine but when are you going to tell people that you’re together?

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I’m lucky to have her back and this time I’m not letting her go again. I’ve written so many over the past few weeks” I laughed. I think I’m going to play it at the last show” “Is Alex going to be there? “I asked him to come so he could hear it” “Oh, so how are things going between you two? “Uh, Vic wanted to know if I could sing with him at their last show” “I thought Jenna did that” “Yeah me too. “Oh, you know, just, ‘I love you, and good luck with your next show’ with a winky face and kisses! To get his last credit in order to graduate, he's forced to join a club by his principle.The only one still welcoming members happens to be the gay straight alliance, or GSA which Geoff, a childhood best friend of his happens to be the leader of.

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