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And now imagine having that conversation with an entire theater full of people. Welcome to Daniel Packard's Live Group Sex Therapy Show, a unique new interactive comedy that asks you to turn ON your cell phone at the start of the show. Imagine a fun, sexy, thought-provoking conversation with your best friend. In a new Consciousness Engineering course, The Love Medicine, trainer and transformational entertainer Daniel Packard explains in the full talk that “love is a gift from the universe for getting your act together.” Love is the powerful motivator we need to find the courage to become our best selves.We elevate ourselves and our choices when we stop trying to protect ourselves against rejection.In this course, you’ll learn how to attract the love you desire by understanding and transforming fearful choices into courageous choices. You’re just sitting, you see someone that’s attractive, don’t even go near them. Attacking is basically, you feel threatened and so you go after the thing. If you want to learn more about other rules extraordinary people use in their daily lives, tune into Daniel: So at the top is avoiding, and avoiding is just what you think. You feel hurt, and so you attack the thing to make them wrong to get the thing away from you.

Here’s a diagram showing the 6 choices and strategies that push away love: Listen to the short soundbite to hear Daniel explain these choices and strategies in further detail. Daniel: Number three is validation, and this is where we feel not enough to be loved and so we go to the outside world to tell us that we’re loved. So you create some elaborate scenario that you have to think about. I only got stuck one time when my photo wouldn't show up, and a tech support guy actually answered and solved my problem within an hour (I was trying to upload a file that wasn't a normal picture format)."BTW, Daniel Packard really knew what he was talking about! I found the site one evening, signed up (thanks for keeping the signup process quick) and was talking to a chica the same evening. Chan "Being a single mom who works a lot I figured I'd try online dating with Dating I never would have believed I would find my future husband; he proposed to me last month.I will recommend this site to all my friends." - Daniel "I had not tried online dating before and was pretty nervous when I decided to give it a try and sign up here, but as it turns out it was just fine!I don't know all that much about computers and internet, so that added to my anxiety, but again it turned out fine as everything was easy to use.

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