Dating jealous

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I was insecure about myself and felt threatened by men who weren’t even in their lives anymore. As you get older, the girls you’re going to date will most likely have a history — there’s no way around it.

– Dorothy Dix Your girlfriend didn’t care about those other guys, you did.I’ve been wanting to do a post on jealousy for a while now, and I was encouraged by this recent e-mail.Jealousy poisons our relationships and manifests as resentment and anger without us even realizing it.When you’re in a relationship, you have to focus on the now and where you guys are going together. Not only that, she’s dating you and not them for a .I struggled with jealousy issues growing up and damaged many of my relationships because of it. That means she willingly chose to be with you over anyone else. Learn to accept the inevitable, I did and it set me free.

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