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As TMZ first reported, Ben is supposedly dating someone, but “not seriously”. News, for example, reporting on Monday with a big headline that read “Ben Affleck is NOT dating just yet”. in the actual story, this was the wording and the word order according to their source: "Ben is not dating anyone seriously." You see the issue here, right? The story says that Ben is not dating anyone seriously. Although a comma would have made it closer to the same. , while purporting to be disputing TMZ’s story, is corroborating it.

And as I subsequently mentioned, TMZ decided not to ask the follow-up (WHO is he “not seriously dating”? Like this: Ben is not dating anyone, If that were the case, the comma before seriously acts as emphasis.

The island became a secure home for a Christian community, possibly Nestorian, until the 9th century CE.

At Al- Qusur, in the centre of the island, archaeologists have uncovered two churches, built at an undetermined date, around which a large settlement grew.

As a result of changes in the balance of political powers in the region towards the end of the 2nd millennium BCE and beginning of 1st millennium BCE, the importance of Failaka began to decline.

Studies indicate that Alexander the Great received reports from missions sent to explore the Arabian shoreline of the Gulf.




But, at the same time, since it’s Ben Affleck, there’s no guarantee he can keep whoever he’s banging on lock. (Which reminds me…remember when Sasha used to be Tara Reid’s personal assistant?And what’s amazing to me is the word order that different reports are using. Because yesterday it was PEOPLE’s turn to weigh in on whether or not Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, too, are dating again. ) or is TMZ doing the man a solid (because the man side is the best side for TMZ) by not revealing any details. Without the comma what we’re reading here is that Ben is, actually, dating but… Since then, other entertainment outlets have all jumped in on whether or not Ben is dating and what it means in the divorce.

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