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As different as they are, they have one thing in common: everyone will ask you where you got them! I’m pretty sure that the only women who would wear these are those who should not be wearing butt-floss jorts in public. A crazy cat lady manicure can go a long way toward nailing your Crazy Cat Ladyhood. Source: via Karen on Pinterest Source: lover-of-makeup.via Karen on Pinterest Source: the-polished-perfectionist.[…] Read More If you’re a Crazy Cat Lady looking forward to Spring fashion, here are some fun options that will make you look more fashionable than crazy. We love this colorful abstract cat design with a structure that promotes comfort and ease: Source: via Karen on Pinterest Generally, […] Read More Ladies, feast your eyes on the pawsomeness that oozes from these kitty print boots.Each is handcrafted, affordable and undeniably cute. These lace-up wedge booties are crafted from Jeffrey Campbell’s adorable kitten tapestry fabric and set upon a sturdy, black platform wedge that couldn’t be more hip.This strapless kitten-print dress easily goes from summer to fall with the addition of a little black cardigan.It features marshmallow buttons on the front, princess […] Read More Yo, kittehs!So what are you […] Read More Source: frivolousfowl.via mousebreath on Pinterest OH. Pull together a signature crazy cat lady look by wearing this pair with your favorite […] Read More Any cat lady on your gift list would be crazy not to love this Cat Cafe shirt by Mod Cloth.Here’s how they lovingly describe the Cat Cafe shirt on their website: “Dearest, Muffin,” the letter begins, “I am writing to you from our favorite place, the one where we used to get ‘cat-fé au laits’ […] Read More What self-respecting Crazy Cat Lady can say no to this Caturday Tunic?This song is about derailment, interruption, stutter.Just as her love trips her physical running, it attenuates her cognitive running.

She thinks about her love’s homelessness, and she thinks about her entitlement: she should have her love.

What no one could have predicted is that over 10,000 people showed up for the weekend event.

And they took it very […] Read More These dressy vintage cat flats feature three smiling cat faces on each shoe.

So, in an effort to get it out of my brain, I’m going to conduct a close reading. A talking intro: “This is my first attempt at an e Harmony video. So I’m just going to start talking about what I like.” There is the sound of a tape reel looping up, and at the word “excited” a delay echo kicks in alongside the opening chords.

I love cats I love every kind of cat I just want to hug all of them But I can’t Can’t hug every cat It begins with a declaration of love: specific, but what is more, all-encompassing.

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