Federal government dating policy

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In preparing this inventory, DOE has reviewed information collected as part of the redesign process for completed in June 2003, including citizen comments via e-mail, focus groups and usability tests; current website statistics indicating usage of existing content; and related information developed through the Information Quality Guidelines process (per Section 515 of Public Law 106-554, known as the Data Quality Act).

The public can use to access entire rulemaking dockets from participating Federal agencies to include providing on-line comments directly to those responsible for drafting the rulemakings.

To meet this commitment, this site is built to comply with the requirements of .

Department of Energy is committed to providing access to our web pages for individuals with disabilities.

DOE will not allow any hyperlinks to any websites that advocate hate, bias or discrimination, or which contains information or hyperlinks associated with partisan political activity.

Links may be made to our website from other personal and organizational web pages.

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