Heightism in dating

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He claimed that mocking a person for their stature was “somehow acceptable” in a society where similar jibes over skin colour or sexuality would be universally condemned. Inevitably, Bercow’s comments sparked various television and radio debates about whether or not "height-ism" is, in fact, comparable with other, more widely recognised social bigotries.

A lot of nervousness may also be from your own body confidence; I know this from my own experience.

Despite sex being considered a “private” or “taboo” subject, all relationships require communication and dialog.

I think being open with your partner is very important, especially as disabled people.

One of my best friends from New York is a fairly short guy. His wife is taller than him, and she’s never complained.

In fact, when I see this picture of Gary Coleman, I think it would be great to be his height.

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