Is jewel still dating ty murray traditional dating vs modern dating

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"I come from a highly individualized group of family members," she said in a call from her current home, a ranch in Stephenville, Texas, where she and Murray live with their son, 2-year-old Kase.

It's been 20 years since Jewel, then a fresh-faced Alaskan barely out of her teens, released the album that would change her life forever, "Pieces of You," her one-way ticket out of the cycle of poverty she'd known all her life.

RELATED: See London through the eyes of the homeless "There are stigmas that these people are lazy, or don't work, or do drugs," Jewel said.

"These are hardworking families, and I think that's something the film does a good job highlighting." She told her own stories to illustrate how homelessness spirals into other problems.

The film was directed by Rainwater, who himself was a former homeless youth.

Rainwater told Deadline, “I never thought in my wildest dreams that we would get this many people to…

RELATED: Police officer provides homeless family with shelter and food "I had a wonderful time with Sean and he was really lovely to me during a critical time in my life," she told of the relationship.

Exclusive: Miley Cyrus has joined Russell Simmons as an executive producer of the upcoming documentary about homeless youth called Lost in America.

She will also appear in the Rotimi Rainwater film alongside Halle Berry, Rosario Dawson, Jewel, Jon Bon Jovi, Sanaa Lathan, and Rebecca Gayheart-Dane.

And people looked at me like I was absolutely disgusting. "I know firsthand what it's like to not have a stable environment to grow up in," she said.

"You can have very hardworking parents, or a single parent working very hard, and still not be making ends meet.

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