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Finding dates became a part-time job; I considered hiring someone from Task Rabbit to manage all of it. Online dating is all of the waiting, plus the isolation of scrolling alone in bed for a match. But I made some friends and got some stories out of it. But then a guy wished me a “Shana Tovah” and sent me a article about bagels. He and I met for a beer, which ended up being a beer. And now my Bubby can die happy knowing I gave Jewish dating a chance.

I imagined that the ad would read, “Seeking: a modern-day yenta.”It was exhausting. Online dating is also a lot of time spent trying to figure out how everyone on Bumble can be an account executive and wondering what the hell an account executive is. Grouper Grouper is an app that matches six people on a date.

My date’s dad is a doctor, and after I showed up with a mysterious lump in my neck, (moments after meeting him, I asked him to touch it for a potential diagnosis), he recommended that I go to the hospital.

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I sighed as I deleted the app, but I knew that it would never get me laid …

Disheartened by my 145,596th place in line, I decided to switch gears since I had a better chance of getting into an actual Ivy League before it was my chance to find elitist love.

I moved onto something that wasn’t technically an app but that I thought might work.

That last answer was a lie, but no one wants to date a bacon taker.

My future boyfriend could find out the truth at a later date.

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