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Brandt turned 18 years of age on February 22, 1996. In addition, Brandt's argument assumes that, if Detective Coyle had interviewed A. before his eighteenth birthday, the State would have immediately filed the charges in juvenile court. Coyle had already encountered two unwilling witnesses and had no way of knowing whether A. Here, the trial court found that juvenile court jurisdiction would probably not have been maintained; therefore, Brandt was not prejudiced by the delay:[T]he Court finds that the Court hearing the remand motion would have unlikely kept juvenile jurisdiction over the Defendant because of his prior convictions; because he had been given a SSODA before; because juvenile services were provided to the Defendant of which he did not take full advantage; that the SSODA was revoked after a series of probation violations; that the Defendant spent time at the juvenile institution where more juvenile services were made available to him, but he did not appear to take advantage of those services either; that the Defendant violated his parole, which was revoked, and the Defendant was sent back to the juvenile institution; that the Defendant was released from the second stay at the juvenile institution close to becoming eighteen years of age. Instead, he contends that this was error because there is no authority for the trial court to consider “whether the juvenile court would have retained jurisdiction.” This argument is without merit. The State's interest in protecting other child victims far outweighs Brandt's interest in having the option of juvenile court open to him. The 23–month delay is calculated based on the date on which the police had the victim's address and phone number, October 13, 1995, until charges were filed on September 24, 1997.2.

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Naselle provided a polygraph report with several more witnesses and victims mentioned. Charges of first-degree child molestation involving A. Dixon, 114 Wash.2d 857, 860, 792 P.2d 137 (1990) (citing United States v. The State is not required to establish special procedures for processing juveniles nearing their eighteenth birthdays. Alvin, 109 Wash.2d 602, 605, 746 P.2d 807 (1987); Calderon, 102 Wash.2d at 354, 684 P.2d 1293; Frazier, 82 Wash. Brandt assigns error to the finding that the delay was only three weeks and to the conclusion that the delay was justified. Any delay after that does not prejudice the defendant because the juvenile court, generally, loses jurisdiction on the defendant's eighteenth birthday. These two victims were interviewed in March and July 1992. In the meantime, the juvenile turned 18 on July 20 1991.

In January 1996, Coyle attempted to identify witnesses and victims from the information he received from Naselle. The trial court's factual findings will be upheld if supported by substantial evidence. Thus, the delay from the initial disclosure in counseling to the filing of charges was approximately 22 months, and the delay from the first report to the police to filing was 13 to 16 months. Yet, without requiring a detailed explanation of the investigation, the Supreme Court said “the pace of the [police] investigation was in no way unusual.” Warner, 125 Wash.2d at 890, 889 P.2d 479.

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