Sexually intimidating meaning

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A female virgin may see all sexual activity as verging on rape. Example dream : A rape dream linked to the dreamers 3 year old daughter asking questions the previous night about things she should not know anything about. The symbolism was clear - her young daughter was innocent and needed protecting.

If you are sexually awkward then a rape dream maybe caused by your awkwardness with sex. Has someone said something that was verging on sexual harassment? Those cowboy builders will go to any lengths to get the money I owe".

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you) - Have you felt sexually used recently?

Read through the list of associations and see if any of the themes mentioned are important in your life right now. Rape is often symbolic of emotions that we associate with rape such as powerlessness, humiliation and taking advantage of the weak. A girl who has never had sex may experience a rape dream as sex to her will seem very awkward.

If you are female then things a rape dream may occur when your view of a particular male has become very negative. - In what ways did you feel totally sick yesterday? KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now.

The associations listed above are all based upon studies of real "RAPE" dreams. Rape can also link to ways in which men behave inappropriately towards women - they may make sexual comments which are disrespectful. If you were totally disgusted by someone's behaviour yesterday then this can cause a "rape dream". When a woman is raped then she feels utterly powerless. With this theme the dream tapped into the following thought process "I have let my young daughter down. When she talked about things that she should not know anything about it left the dreamer with a dirty and degraded feeling.In the first, 196 women recruited online viewed a photo of “a moderately attractive women in her late 20s.” Half saw an image of her wearing a white dress; the rest viewed an otherwise identical image of her in a red dress.Afterwards, all responded on a sliding scale to a series of statements such as “This person is interested in sex.” As expected, the woman was seen as more sexually receptive if she was wearing red.

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