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she walked her son over to the restroom located on the second floor of the library and let her son go into the men's restroom by himself.

he son was gone for approximately 2 to 3 minutes when he came back outside and told his mother that there was a black boy inside the bathroom who was willing to give him a quarter to "suck his d___"...

after watching patron for awhile, i did not catch anything out of the way. i went to station #4 to tell him that if he were bringing up sexually explicit pictures on the internet that he would need to get off.

much to my surprise, there it was in front of my eyes on the monitor.

the internet is permeated with sexually explicit, hardcore pornographic material of the worst kind.

with a couple of clicks of the mouse one can bring up images depicting the grossest, most degrading images imaginable.

viewing the area that afternoon, i noticed that at least half of the computer users at any one time were teenage males.

i asked damian to tell me a little bit of what he does at the liseveral weeks ago i was in the library for some research and was given a "ticket" for computer use.

approaching my assigned computer i came upon an adolescent being mesmerized by obscene and pornographic visuals from the internet.

however, our written guidelines indicate very strongly that we do not monitor what patrons are viewing and we make every attempt not to notice and to ensure the patron's privacy.alameda, ca--"on 3/17/99 a patron brought to the attention that sexually obscene and explicit verbal was retrieved on the alta vista search engine when her daughter entered the keywords american girls magazine."a very disturbing situation has recently been brought to my attention.

our libraries now offer unfiltered access to the internet to all patrons, including children with parental approval.

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